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Kickoff – Comcast Keynote

8:00 AM

Bringing K-12 Computer Science Education to New Mexico

90% of parents want high-quality computer science education in their child’s school. It leads to some of the fastest growing highest paying jobs in the US. But most schools don’t have access to high-quality computer science. And girls and minorities are significantly underrepresented in computing jobs and in taking rigorous K-12 computer science education. The wave to expand computer science is one of the biggest innovations in education. What can you as parents and the business community do to bring high-quality computer science education to your schools?

Session 1

9:00-9:50 AM

Let's Get Phygital!: Blurring the lines between realities - John-Mark Collins

With the onslaught of Internet-of-Things devices, robust motion and facial tracking sensors, and the increasing power and portability of display technology; the physical world has become a canvas for presenting digital information.  We have been tied to very powerful screen-based devices for quite some time, which can be isolating and individual experiences.  With the convergence of technologies, it is the right time to make our experiences more ‘Phygital’ (Physical + Digital).
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Training Tech Employees - Jackson Stakeman

Tutorials dominate the developer education space. When we think of acquiring new skills tutorials are often at the top of our mind.  Treehouse, Codeacdemy, Codeschool, etc all work to each us the “how”.  When looking at what to learn developers often focus on tools or frameworks.  The internet is awash in material teaching for loops, conditional statements, and boolean logic in every programming language imaginable. Tutorials on writing demo applications in whatever next hot new technology are written daily. For most topics I would argue, the “How” is well covered. If the end goal though, is to produce more well rounded developers we made need something different.  If we are trying to mold critical thinkers, who are more adept at answering the other types of questions like what, why, and should… perhaps we need to look to other disciplines and other models of education.

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Crowdfunding, Inspiring Customers to Front Your Dream - Brad Talton, Nick WIlliams, Jakub Svec, Michaela Brown (MOD)

Brad Talton, Nick Williams, Jacob Svec, Michaela Brown will delve into what it takes to make a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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Switch to the cloud - Craig Bruce

AWS is the biggest name in cloud computing. For the last 5 years we have adopted their products and services for our in-house use as well as building a complete SaaS platform using AWS. This presentation will explore the changes we have made from small and gradual to large and entirely cloud-native.

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Big Data and your Career Future - Nels Hoenig

This presentation will explain what Big Data is and how it will impact your career in the coming years.  There is a tsunami of job growth today and in the future for people with skills in Big Data.  This work is for both for the technologists that make the data work but also for the users and consumers who can learn how to see the information hidden inside the data.  You can either be part of the job growth or risk being left behind.

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Session 2

10:00-10:50 AM

Copyright, Free Media, and Why Creative Commons is Your Best Disruption - Barbara Waxer

The cost of copyright confusion affects every stage of the development and delivery process.  How much does fear or avoidance inform your decision making? Our struggle to find and use online media can lead us to accidentally infringe someone else’s work or miss out on using fabulous free stuff. And let’s face it, it’s a daunting or boring topic to learn—until now.

In this session, you will learn about copyright essentials through an entertaining and easy-to-understand snapshot of the law. Learn how to find and use free media properly. Understand how protect your own work and apply legal concepts, such as the fair use doctrine, to everyday scenarios. Become confident in finding sites that offer public domain, Creative Commons, and open access-licensed works. Gaining an understanding of how you can and can’t legally use media in your work will help you become more productive and focused as you maximize your financial and creative resources.

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Taking the Reigns Rebooting the New Mexico Workforce - Debra Inman, Lori Webster, Paige Briggs, Charles Ashley, Matt Fetrow (MOD)

New Mexico is struggling to educate and develop a high-tech workforce.  The problem isn’t new, and the causes have been studied and reviewed repeatedly. Perhaps it’s time to take a new approach to tackling our state’s education and workforce challenges, one that has industry taking a bigger leadership role. We’ll explore what that might look like and why industry is uniquely positioned to break through the status quo.

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7 Fatal Fails: Legal Mistakes That Will Kill Your Startup - Seth Gardenswartz and Candice Owens

In this seminar, Seth and Candice will share 7 potential disasters hiding in your business that many business owners — both new and experienced ones — miss or even dismiss as unimportant, including:

~choosing the right legal entity,

~protecting intellectual property and trademarks,

~avoiding legal problems with your website and email, and

~how to raise investment money without violating state or federal securities laws.

Learn vital solutions to these issues, so that you can get back to what you do best…running and growing your business while staying out of legal trouble.

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Decision Making Through Data - Dana Grisham

A note of fair warning: this presentation is not about “big data”. My business area at Sandia Labs doesn’t have a “big data” problem, but it has big “data problems”. We have embarked on a journey to try to fix these problems. This presentation will outline our data strategy and the corresponding approaches we have taken, with the end goal to empower our staff with data that is accessible, understandable, useful, traceable, and trusted. Several paradigm shifts must occur to transition into a more data-centric organization. First, we must enable a culture of care around data as a core corporate asset. This entails creating and maturing a robust data governance function within the organization. Second, we must enable a new wave of IT infrastructure that can lower barriers to using information resources. Imagine a world of friction-less data access and use! Last, in an era where data can no longer be reliably or effectively mined through human-in-the-loop processes, we must enable predictive analytics, machine learning, and other data science solutions that drive more agile, risk-informed decision making throughout the entire product lifecycle. While we have grand visions for the future, there are very real challenges ahead of us. This presentation will discuss these challenges and our current approaches to overcome them.

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It's a UX World and I'm Just Coding In It - Joe Dallacqua

UX and Development don’t always seem to go hand-in-hand. More often than not there is a struggle between UX ideas and concepts, and practical Developmental application. By adopting some simple UX principles, and viewing your work through a UX lens, the struggle of these two opposing forces can become a genuine collaboration. We’ll explore some of the principles that UX designers often use when approaching a problem, and dive in to how to apply those to your code, your applications, and even your interactions with UX designers and product owners. My hope is that at the end of this session, you’ll feel confident in collaborating with UX designers and other resources – allowing you to cut down significantly on iteration and rework while bringing your own ideas to the table.

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Session 3

11:00-11:50 AM

Branding Your Tech Biz - Mark Canon, Johnathan David Lewis, Craig Berry, Adam Greenhood, Chris Moore

Branding and marketing in the noisy and complex world of tech is difficult. Learn the specific branding challenges your tech business will face and what you need now to build a brand that will get you recognized. Join the top marketing experts from of some of New Mexico’s most prestigious marketing agencies for this one of a kind panel.

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Disrupting the Hiring Process Innovate + Educate's Solution to Finding Your Next Superstar Employee - Stephen Yadzinski

The Innovate+Educate (I+E) employment tech division’s mission is to use innovative technology, sophisticated data analysis and human centered design to disrupt current hiring paradigms, forging new paths to employment and opening opportunities for millions of unemployed and underserved Americans.

Led by Chief Technology Officer, Stephen Yadzinski, we are a multi-disciplinary team of product designers, interaction designers, visual designers, researchers, data scientists, content strategists and web developers who together create innovative, usable, great-looking employment and TalenTech technology solutions that help people identify opportunities for work, training, and more where they live.

Stephen will present the new TalentABQ platform as well as discuss founding the I+E tech division who today builds never before seen innovations that support people connecting to sustained employment and lifelong learning opportunities.

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Rapid Hardware Prototyping - Kris Hardy

You’ve found a problem, you have a killer solution that requires electronics, and now you need to build a prototype.  Now you’re wondering how much it’s going to cost, how long it’s going to take, and how much time, effort and money you’re willing to risk.  Join Kris Hardy, President and Secure Systems Engineer of Albuquerque Software, on a journey from idea to prototype as he lays out his model for designing custom hardware, minimizing risk, maximizing value, experimenting and rapidly iterating.

Kris will talk about success and failure, building prototypes on a shoestring budget, dealing with new technology, identifying and managing risk, and breaking a large and overwhelming project into small actionable parts.  His experience as a biochemist in the Air Force, and as an entrepreneur, computer scientist, hacker, project manager and community organizer allows him to consider the technical, social and philosophical relationships between products and the people that design them.

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Agile, the Challenges and Solutions - Tracy Ragan

The great promise of the Agile movement is rapid and flexible software development. Of course, with every great promise often come hidden downsides. Though Agile delivered many positives in terms of adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continuous improvements, it also led to an explosion of complexity, from frequency of releases to containerized endpoints.  Organizations embracing agile practices continue to face barriers in updating code, compiling binaries and moving packages across mixed environments, including production datacenters.  The truth is, software releases are complex.  Satisfying customers with frequent releases is not as easy as it sounds.  Organizations embracing agile are discovering that, across the software development lifecycle, continuing to use traditional approaches causes great code to languish in staging areas. Traditional software development practices impede the movement of code across the lifecycle. This presentation will address how to master agile’s last mile from development through production.

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Supercharging the Nudge - David Duden

Ever since the first product was created, marketers have been using nudges to influence our behavior. Behavioral economics has spread the power the nudge to many new areas such as technology, safety, and government. Advanced analytics make for a new revolution, super-charging nudges by personalizing communications for people where and when they matter most. We will explore some of these initiatives and how this perfect storm of data, insights and behavior change can bring fantastic outcomes.

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Lunch Break

12:00-1:20 PM

Panel: Incredible Founders – Allen Webber, Lee Zlotoff

Session 4

1:30-2:20 PM

Local Resources Overview Marketing Focus - Stacy Sacco

Connect Local Resources to Grow Your Business including reviewing several free lists and calendars to plug into Albuquerque’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

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Tech Transfer: From the Lab to Main Street - Julia Wise, Mary Monson, David Pesiri, Gabe Mounce

Technology Transfer is the act of transferring scientific findings from one organization to another for the purpose of further development and commercialization. This panel explores Technology Transfer within New Mexico’s federal laboratories–following innovation from idea to enterprise. At this panel attendees are invited to discuss and get their questions answered about Technology Transfer in New Mexico.

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State of Tech Investment in NM - Bill Bice, Stuart Rose, Tj Cook

Learn the state of tech of investment in NM from representatives of 3 of New Mexico’s top funds. Learn how to see your business through the eyes of a potential investor. Learn what you need to know to position your company for a growth investment when the time comes.

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Playing the Long Game, Growing Raw Talent in Your Tech Business - Alonso Indacochea

My company, 11 Online, has grown from a 2-person website development business to a 12-person digital marketing and software development firm in 3 years. We did it by (1) always keeping the long game at the forefront of our thinking and (2) acquiring raw, entry-level talent and creating an environment geared to help them learn and grow, focusing on building core skills and fostering creativity.

I’ll share some of the techniques and strategies we’ve used to grow our company:

– Non-technical traits we look for

– Our unique technical evaluation exercises

– Internships

– Our core workflow values

– Learning exercises to keep our talent growing

– How we keep our talent

I’ll also cover some of the challenges we’ve faced implementing our growth model and how we’ve confronted them.

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Building the next generation of predictive analytics platform with machine learning. - Tim Kelton

Descartes Labs is building a machine learning platform leveraging massive amounts of satellite imagery to provide analytical insights to our customers.  We will share IT approaches to infrastructure and building scalable applications which are not just useful to startups and machine learning applications, but also will lead the way for the next generation of IT applications.  Finally, we will demonstrate of few of the machine learning applications we have built and talk about problems they are solving for their customers.

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Session 5

2:30-3:30 PM

Be Social! Social Media: Where to Start and Why - Erika Yocom, Pamm Meyers

You hear it all day long – ‘You just HAVE to do social media!’ But no one seems to take the time to talk about where to begin, or WHY. We think you need more information. You need to know why it’s important for your business out in that crowded business space. You need to know why it’s called ‘social media’ (hint: it’s not a one-way conversation!). And then you need to know which platform best fits your clients, your style, your time. What are the differences between all the different places to post/tweet/link? Come spend some time with us and we will help you get a clearer picture of where you are going and why you’re heading in that direction!

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Assistive Technology: Gateway to Access IT! Presentation & Demo - Jim Bullard, Shawn McHugh, Jesse Armijo, Samuel Castillo, Erin Gallegos, Jordan Robinson, Tracy Agiovlasitis - Moderator

Assistive Technology (AT), the IT for individuals with disabilities. AT may look like expensive toys but for individuals who are blind, deaf, or cognitively impaired, AT opens the door to education, successful employment, and greater independence. Session attendees will get a first-hand look at some high-tech devices demonstrated by NMTAP (NM Technology Assistance Program) like the EyeGaze units which allows users to fully operate a computer using only their eyes; ZoomText software designed to magnify, read back, and scan digital and hardcopy text; and the LiveScribe Smartpen which converts written text and recorded audio into a digital format. The session will feature an amazing young student from the NM School for the Blind and Visually Impaired who has spent the summer with Adelante’s BackInUse/DiverseIT program performing computer support using AT software tools. Attendees will leave with knowledge of how AT merges with IT to open doors for individuals with extra challenges.

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Getting to Know Your Users: Guidelines for Conducting Investigate User Research - Liz Brown, Zac Van Note

Research provides an understanding of user groups and is the most effective way to discover user needs, behaviors, and strategic product opportunities. It does not have to be expensive or time consuming. With user research you are guaranteed to save design and development time down the road. This workshop describes the role of the user, where to find them, and what to do with them once you have them. You will get hands-on experience as we try a handful of low fidelity methods (user experience industry standards) to understand your users and ultimately shape system design.

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Wellness Panel - Sheri Clark (MOD) with: Dr. Lee Medina, DOM; Dr. Michael Pridham, DC ; Velina Vassar, LMT; Wendy Kiess, CYT; Cedar McCrary, CPT

Join the discussion with a wellness panel where we will focus on an introduction to alternative health methods and practices to help you feel well and stay well.

As an IT professional, it is so easy to get caught up in the daily work routine.  The first thing that is sacrificed is time to work on your physical and mental well-being.

Learn about acupuncture and what a Doctor of Oriental medicine (DOM) does; get a better understanding of chiropractic medicine, massage therapy and yoga. Discover how anyone can start a physical conditioning and training program that can be approachable and attainable.

This panel of practitioners will explain what they do, why it is beneficial to your health and how to incorporate these practices into your everyday routine.  Come and meet people who are dedicated to addressing your health concerns and working with you to identify methods that will fit your lifestyle.

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Reverse Engineering for Cyber Pros - Michael Vien, AED

This presentation will cover several ways that malware can be reverse engineered and the different levels of engineering. During the presentation, Michael will demonstrate various reverse engineering tools such as IDA Pro, Responder Pro and will discuss how dangerous malware can actually be as you can surely recall from the Wanna Cry and the Petya attacks that distributed business on a global scale. One thing is for certain, every company and organization is a target, all data is a target, everyone is at risk. Learn more about what makes malware tick and more ways to protect your organizations’ data.

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